Ancient History

A very, very interesting article about the discovery of ancient bread (baked about 14500 years ago) at a site in Jordan (SMH 19 July) but if readers are interested in this subject and others of equal or even more ancient history,  they should read Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe.  This and others in the similar genre will cause them to wonder about the myth of “hunter-gatherers” spread about Australia’s Indigenous peoples.
They could then reassess their views on this country’s ancient history (possibly making some European history appear to be very recent).


The Law in Australia

Would some legal brain out there please enlighten me:  Archbishop Wilson has said “However, at this time, I am entitled to exercise my legal rights and to follow the due process of law. “Since that process is not yet complete, I do not intend to resign at this time.” He said if it was unsuccessful, he would offer his resignation.
In OUR country is this quote right under our laws?
What I do see is that once again the PM is being led by the nose in foreign policy (Peter Gogarty demanding appeal to Pope – an independent State – the Vatican), and the government is being managed emotionally by the same person.
The Law should take its course and then we will see the results: what should/should not happen – NOT what Mr Gogarty demands.

Trade and other Agreements

So another Free Trade Agreement is on the go but will it be better managed/negotiated  than previous agreements where Australia seems so often to have got the short end of the stick leading me to wonder who negotiates our agreements.
And it’s not only overseas agreements where we so often seem to lose out to our “friends” but it’s in business negotiations here in NSW. For example the various roads agreements where we the taxpayer seems to be up for huge amounts of compensation for badly worked and thought out agreements.
Who works on these agreements? Is the negotiation left to consultants? Is this yet another  example of privatisation?


Among the long line of MPs admitting to “disappointing their families and their parties” by their actions I have yet to hear one – even one – say “I am a crook. I have defrauded the electorate, the Party the taxpayer – I will repay the amount of my misdemeanour”. Will this ever happen? And will any of them ever be charged? Don’t hold your breath.

Spread the “goodwill” and fight everywhere but home

When Donald J Trump orates about how much the EU doesn’t pay towards their “upkeep”; when people everywhere talk about how much is owed to the US because they “saved us” in WW2 and also in WW1 does anyone stop and think that the USA has used Europe and even Australia as first line of defence to protect their own mainland from attack?…as we did when we went into S.E.Asia/Vietnam – keep the enemy out of your own country…fight on somebody else’s land…a classic example is England fighting on every land but its own.
Remember – the USA entered WW2 in 1917 after Germany had been fighting for over three years and when France and Europe had been exhausting Germany for over three years – not to mention the exhaustion of Russia.
So let’s get a little perspective into this discussion – the USA has kept enemies away from their mainland – in Europe, in Asia where Australia was used as a base and supplier of everything needed. (Did you know that Australia was perhaps the only country with a credit for goods and services supplied under the Marshall Plan at the end of WW2), and it wasn’t all altruistic.  It was using their strengths to keep their own country safe – at the expense of others.  But doing this incidentally drove home the story of how good, how unselfish they were.
Master psychologists!


The ABC  is an indulgence we can no longer afford – Harry Stutchbury wrecks all his arguments (Opinion 19 June) when he uses as part of his arguments – Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Telstra…add in posts and wires, The Powerhouse and all the other assets privatised supposedly in our favour.  Harry, surely you don’t really think that we the taxpayer gained from any government privatisation in these asset sales now or in the future…. or do you still believe in (the juvenile myth) fairies at the bottom of the garden?  Harry – grow up!

Private vs Public schools – again

And just who is Steve Biddulph (SunHerald 10 June), author of Raising boys in the 21st century.
Is he a credible author; is he an “authority” on raising boys in the 21st century; who is he to broadbrush boys at the private school to which Biddulph’s “friends” sent their son Kieran as aggressive, affluent, entitled, unanchored, with much trash-talking about girls, sharing of gross pornography, boasting about sexual experiences real or imagined. All this implicitly suggesting that none of this occurred at Kieran’s previous school – a public school…while these privileged boys were like street corner thugs.
Come on Steve, get around, talk to more people than you apparently have and you will find that there are thugs in every area, not only in privileged schools and well mannered, decent boys also in every school..
It looks to me like the old green-eyed monster – envy and it rears its ugly head every so often in the Letters pages.