Trade deals with our great and good partner???

Malcolm:   Please…please…please be careful in your dealings re the Infrastructure Scheme being discussed in the USA now.
Nobody has ever called Joe Hockey a brain, or an astute treasurer so if he is pushing this Infrastructure Scheme for us to join with the USA, please beware of the “sharks” in the USA. We seem usually to come out of trade dealings with the USA behind the eight ball. Don’t be flattered Malcolm and Joe – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money and build their empires out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all…and we usually seem to come out of deals with the USA with the wrong end of a rotten stick.


Barnaby – again

I am getting so tired of the repetition of “it’s private and should remain Barnaby’s private life”.
I am a taxpayer and as such I HELP PAY BARNABY’S WAGES and so he is responsible to me ,and to his paymasters, for the way he conducts himself. He stood for Parliament to represent the electors… he is responsible to them for his behaviour – it was not a private job he stood for – it was a responsibility to all the electors.

Move on Barnaby

“Joyce explains why public should now move on” (SMH 22 Feb)– my heart bleeds – not for you Barnaby, but for my country but I have some advice for you – “Move on Barnaby – move on”.
Basic maths tell me that you were well into your illicit arrangement when you took the campaign trail recently; that you were still in your (real) partner/wife’s home when you were conducting an affair and claiming respect for marriage and morals, so you have committed the most heinous sin by a politician – no, not immorality – but hypocrisy.
So I reiterate Barnaby…if you want no more publicity…go quietly. MOVE ON!
What I really couldn’t take would be you with your “partner” as Acting PM and representing my country.


In the current imbroglio concerning The Hon Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the National Party, elected member for Armidale, possible Acting PM of this country, (a bit of irony all of it) I am feeling so angry at the constant refrain “he’s entitled to privacy for personal affairs like the rest of us”. I dispute this.
He was elected to represent people of his electorate; he is paid a healthy salary to sit in Parliament representing them; he is NOT a private person like the rest of us entitled to privacy. In all aspects of his behaviour he has behaved outrageously and without consideration for his position, possibly representing me and others of Australia as Acting PM….and He has failed and he should go.

Value, if any

Are Royce, Ben and Chris joking? – Catholic Church’s hidden wealth revealed – 12 Feb – Can they tell me the market value of St Andrews Cathedral or St Mary’s Cathedral. Or St Vincent’s hospital, or even the many, many Catholic/Anglican, Presbyterian, etc. churches and schools scattered across the States?  Of course the value of the land on which these buildings are built would be great but so would the demolition costs associated with the demolition.  And there would be the outcries from all and sundry at the demolition of all these heritage buildings. ..and think of the tourists..
I have always understood that the market value of any property would be what the market tells us it could be sold for – the value of it – so what is the value of a hospital, church, school, Mission in the Islands, nursing home, convent, – or is this the start of something more sinister in the way of campaigns?

Out of Wedlock

Susan Lamb, Senator in the Federal Parliament is in danger of losing her seat because she can’t produce a marriage certificate from one of her parents. Dad is dead – Mum is not known where. And she (Susan) wants to renounce her British citizenship but can’t – because? She can’t produce a marriage certificate.
This is crazy surely. If she were born out of wedlock would the British authorities require a “marriage” certificate from her parents – hardly likely!
This is British bureaucracy at its worst. So what do children born out of wedlock do – are they condemned to stay British because of no certificate ?.

TAFE and privatisation

Angus Taylor, Minister for Cybesecurity – you break my heart – because you evidently know nothing of your job/history. Over the past years governments have taken so much money/staff from the TAFE organisation they almost killed it off in favour of – privatisation.
We had so many scandals where private “colleges” milked the system of millions and left thousands of would-be trainees desperate for jobs and qualifications not worth the paper they were printed on.
And now it’s hit you and the rest of your government that we need a good reliable system to produce the qualified young people our industries are crying out for…and you turn to TAFE. was always there producing good reliable apprenticeships with so many skills.
We got what we paid for and I hope your efforts now will produce what WE need.