politicians and the AHA and others

Following the tragic death of Thomas Kelly there was much talk with six prominent people on the front page of the SMH giving their ideas:

*The AHA – Hotels, clubs and pubs – “we all should take responsibility for our own actions” – presumably not the AHA
*The politician – Souris – a comment of fluff saying absolutely nothing
*The politician – Malcolm – wanting trains after 1am because the venues close later probably 3am – I ask what is wrong with buses.  The thought of the mayhem on a railway station with tens and probably hundreds of drunken louts herded together is appalling.   People movers carrying up to 20 people with a driver and guard aboard on a continuous loop, Kings Cross/Central/Town Hall would really shift people quickly.
*Clover pushing her barrow for more everything incl small bars but less bigger venues
*the police who cop the lot wanting less hours – they should have had a person from St Vincents Hospital – they cop so much
*the statistician who can back up his comments with figures unlike most of the others
But no-one mentioned the city up the road – Newcaswtle, where shorter hours have produced a 30% decrease in incidents.  Newcastle has become the elephant in the room.


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