The Games

Obsession with gold not worth the pain” – Opinion, SMH 13 August.  I am completely frustrated – I find myself agreeing with Paul Sheehan and that is very unlike me.  Paul gave quite a few figures to support his case that we did quite well at the London Games and I would add that Australia is 1/3 the size of the UK, 1/3 of France, 1/4 of Germany and a massive 1/15 of the USA.  Don’t even try to think of China.
I totally agree with his comments about John Coates.  Of course John Coates and the rest of the AOC wants more money to be spent on the Australian team – their already big remuneration would be further increased if this were done.
Can someone tell me what we actually gained from the London Games and the other Games since the year 2000.  Did we gain tourism (2000 of course is the exception), trade, real knowhow – no, what we got from the London Games was a splendid spectacle in another country and by the second week, a bit of pride.
When I have voiced this opinion I am “accused” of not liking sports, not being very sportsmanlike.  Is that so wrong?  Is it wrong to not sit over the TV from Friday through to Monday?  Actually I read the sports pages from people who have knowledge of RL, AFL and cricket.  I follow the Bulldogs, looking for the results but do not sit watching the games except in passing, I really enjoy Test cricket – but I read and that seems to suggest I do not like sports, and that’s a major sin in our society. 
No, I prefer to think that I have sports in perspective as only part of my life and not the dominant part.

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