I demand that Tony Abbott tell us what happened behind the shed at school and why did he cop six of the best.
I demand that Christopher Pyne tell us why he was picked on at school.  Was it because he was a whingeing, whiney little prat constantly running to the principal with complaints.
I demand that at least these two and possibly most of the rest of Parliament admit to the sins of the past and front up to Parliament.
There could be a charge for admission to hear MPs admit to past errors and we would probably balance the budget.
Amazing! Nobody has a good word for lawyers but now we demand perfect behaviour even 20 years ago.  
By the way, how many lawyers are there in Parliament?  Enough to provide a great Inquisition?
Wake up Australia!  Let’s get on with running the country and stop this over-the-fence gossiping, nit-picking, resurrection of the past.

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