Social Media – is it OUR Arab Spring

Is social media, in the matter of Alan Jones, leading a new Arab Spring. In decades of political watching I have never seen such public revulsion against anybody until recently in North Africa when the social media helped to topple dictators – and what is Alan Jones but a dictator.

The Liberal Party, especially the Exs, is out in force, of course, attacking opponents of Alan Jones. And why not, he made the running for Tony Abbott and Party for quite a long time now. Remember Tony standing side by side with Alan at the time of the aborted truck demonstration in Canberra. Alan, of course blamed the failure of the demonstration on a blockade at the borders of Canberra – borders/ Canberra?

And then there was Tony standing with Alan in front of those awful placards “Bob Brown’s bitch” and never a word from Tony. Would he allow this type of discussion in front of his wife or daughters? Would he allow his family to refer to his wife as “she” which is Tony’s usual reference to the Prime Minister of this country. And when did this type of invective start with the Liberal Party – when a woman was elected to PM. Does this tell you anything?

Tony was always backed by Alan Jones. And this morning the Exs of the Liberal Party called for the ALP to “get over it” etc. etc. Why? The Parliamentary Coalition has been in the forefront of the ugly abuse since they lost power in 2007. They never got over this loss. They have never lost the idea of their “entitlement to rule”. But it was magnified when a “woman” became PM – God help us! – a woman. So don’t tell the ALP or supporters to “get over it” when Tony has a friend in Alan Jones and an attack dog fronting the Coalition in Parliament.

And by-the-by – please stop referring to Alan Jones’ “apology” – it was a justification and nothing else.


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