Football – RL, RU, AFL, Soccer???

I ask the various football codes and their writers/players/commentators, as a person with sporting knowledge gained from newspapers to help me to understand the sporting scene in Sydney. 

In an article “Ground upgrade delayed” – Sept 25 reference is made to “football” several times. (Inner West Courier)

This makes it really  difficult for people like me.  I know that there is Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL and Soccer – and they are all called “football” or “footy” so what was the aforementioned article referring to on Sept 25.

The vast majority of people in Sydney, I believe, follow Rugby League and AFL and call their games “footy”, “football” so will the media please make it easier and call the fourth code in this state “Soccer” – the name the code has been referred to for years and years here in Australia.



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