Old School Days

Loved it! Loved it!  Dear Mrs Dunkerley G00d Weekend Oct 12.  It took me back decades to my happy school days when interested teachers taught me the beauty of the language.  When I too learned to love grammar and syntax; when we learned the parts of speech, parsing, analysis; when spelling was appreciated.  When we could take a sentence apart and arrive at a fresh understanding of the way sentences and words worked, and we were started on a lifelong love of reading – because we understood what we were reading.

I do pity the young ones now who seem to skip this basic part of English. 

However it does mean that those same young ones ask me to explain the meanings of words and parts of sentences such as why a word is different as a verb (license) to a noun (licence)

Thank you Helen Garner for the trip back to happy school days.  The results of those days are with me and, by proxy, with my grandchildren even in the 21st century.


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