The National Interest???

The usual catfight is in progress as the three Eastern states and the Commonwealth wrangle about the waters of the Murray-Darling Rivers.   Why??  This river system should not be the property of any one State any more than the Defence Forces belong to any one State.  This vital waterway should be part of National assets and the only way to achieve this is to conduct a plebiscite asking the question:  “Do you want to make the Murray/Darling river system a national asset in the care of the Federal Government” and follow this with a referendum so that the changeover is included in the Constitution.
We have seen what happens when the States are left to run services which should properly belong to the Nation as a whole. 
We had to learn the hard way that we need national railway gauges, national rules about road systems, national hospital systems, national educational standards, why not national ownership of the most important water system in the country.

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