The Republic – I hope

The matter of a Republic for this supposedly independent country has reared its head again with the usual “not while the Queen is alive”.  Do they mean that we start working towards a Republic on Day One after the Queen dies?  Do they mean that we start from scratch then?

Isn’t that the usual way with so many Australians – leave until tomorrow and THEN we will think it out in all its complex issues.

What’s wrong with starting the process now?  Start working towards a plebiscite – a simple “yes” or “no” to a Republic and after there is a decision start the time consuming, probably some years, road to a Republic.  We should establish just what road the public wants to take – elected GG/President; appointed GG/President.  This will take some time and much talk so START NOW. 

We really don’t have to wait for HM QE2 to die – even Charles has mentioned that he can’t understand our reluctance.


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