A social epidemic/disease

As a lifetime Catholic I back the call for a Royal Commission into child abuse – but a wide ranging one into any or all of the institutions that dealt with children over the years.  It would be naive to believe that this horrible crime is to be found only in one institution especially when there are instances that come out every now and then, in the media, about other cases, not in the Catholic Church.
So let us have a Royal Commission;  Let us clean out the Augean stables; let us confirm the decency of most of the people in ALL the institutions who labour long and hard for their people – which has included me over the years.
Let us take to task those who deserve to be blamed for neglect of duty; those who put the reputation of their institution first before the welfare of the child; those who have let down not only the children abused but those who mistakenly believed in the decency of the abusers.
Let us have a Royal Commission – a wide ranging Royal Commission – now.

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