Thank you so much, Ross Gittins (Lucky Country also blessed with skilful management – Opinion 28 Nov) for your critique of Ian McLean’s Why Australia Prospered.  For years I have had to listen to naysayers claiming that Australia needs the Monarchy because “the Queen gives stability to the country” and now Gittins/McLean scotch that talk.  They are able to see the strength of this country and do not think that we must fall back on “Mother” for stability.
McLean gives much of the credit for the state of our country to the quality of our economic and political “institutions” – legal system, property rights, control of corruption, political arrangements and social norms, and Ross Gittins backs him up with knowledgeable arguments.
If a non-economist like me can see that our institutions are strong, what is wrong with those who argue that we need someone to hold our hands, especially when we can see in the last few years that the country supposedly holding our hand is not able to look after itself.
So let’s get the ball rolling – onwards to the Australian Republic and a bright and independent future.

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