Went wandering through a local shopping centre, full of the joy of Christmas.  The place was in goodwill mode with decorations everywhere and then…
I blinked.  It couldn’t be true.  I must be seeing things.  One store was “decorated” with logos “PIMP your Christmas” and “Who has a ballsy Xmas deal”.
I asked a couple of women nearby to check that I wasn’t seeing things,  and they gaped – they couldn’t believe it.  On my wandering through the Centre I asked young and old women what they thought of the logos and without exception they couldn’t believe it either.  And without exception they claimed that this form of advertising would not lure them into the store nor would it convince them to buy – so there goes the appeal to young and older women.
The shop assistants in the store were wearing TShirts with “PIMP your Christmas” across their bodies.  I asked one did he know what “PIMP” stood for (A person who procures clients for prostitutes) and he was a bit surprised.  He hadn’t thought how he was presenting.
And talking about presentation.  Does the well known philanthropist whose name is on the store, or the well known supermarket chain owner of this brand, know what their advertising guru is up to?

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