Economics, humility, an awakening,


I love you dearly Ross Gittins, and read you carefully.  However while you make me think you don’t make me happy.

“A warning as market pipes tune in America” Opinion Dec 5, definitely lowers my happiness quotient.  It has been obvious for a long time that America is not the country or economy it was, or the people they were and Jeffrey Sachs (The Price of Civilisation: Economics and Ethics after the Fall) does not make my head rest peacefully on the pillow at night.

Perhaps the first thing that America could do to start reclaiming itself would be to stop boasting that they are the biggest and the best and that the rest of the world envies them, is dominated by them, and looks up to them.

Then they could stop and think about who is the debtor nation in the China/America duo.  That, of course, is America owned body and soul by China.

Then they could think about the troublesome nations Greece, Portugal, Spain and remember that part of their problem is that they don’t pay taxes, or enough taxes to manage and maybe Americans should apply this lesson to themselves.

And with this new found humility they may return to the compassionate, generous nation they were before they became “the biggest and the best”…America (drum beat roll)


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