Manufactured outrage

This manufactured anger and disgust in the British Press at the prank by the two Sydney DJs, is really over the top.  The only excuse for it is that it is blanketing the Lord Levinson Enquiry findings and the general disgust at the British Press.

For heavens sake!  Calling for a police investigation!  The most I would suggest is to prosecute them for a tasteless prank and for a breach of privacy.

I can hazard a guess at why our media is pursuing this matter.  Is it because Parliament is in recess and they have to have something, anything, to fill the pages.

Undoubtedly it was tragic for the nurse who suicided but why did she actually do it?  Would it, could it have been for just this incident?  It’s hard to believe that.

Let’s have an end to this manufactured outrage.  It doesn’t sit well with my cynicism.


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