Incestuous corruption

“ICAC seizes on Australian Water’s link to Obeid family” – SMH 17 Dec left me bemused and shaking my head to clear it.  Are both State Parties “interlocked” into a one-for-all-and-all-for-one arrangement?
Is there any difference between the two main State Parties?  Can we depend on anyone in either of the two main Parties to put the interests of the State before their own financial interests?  And finally what was the point of getting rid of the State ALP at the last election – it was thought that the stench was so high we needed a change.  And what have we got?  More of the same old same old interconnecting deals including developers, politicians, power-brokers. 
Perhaps we need an Administrator such as is appointed in Local Government to run the State Government for a period of ?? years when things get so far out of control that the electors despair.

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