So many questions – so few answers

In the matter of the death of the London nurse, and now that some more information is coming out of London suggesting that there was workplace unhappiness, will the vitriol emanating from the London media cease?  Will this silly, tasteless prank be consigned to the wastepaper bin?  And what about management who okayed such a senseless, stupid “joke”.  Will the Australian police advise if they are still at the beck and call of English police being instructed to investigate, in Australia, what is not a crime?  And will the UK investigate management at the Hospital who apparently do not train their staff adequately?
So many questions.  And I  expect so few answers.  As we saw with the Levenson Inquiry the media seems to be almost out of control in London so I will not look to see answers about the second nurse who apparently passed on information to the pranksters; and was there another, a real reason for the suicide of the Nurse?

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