Our pride and joy – our ‘arbour

Since when did our ‘arbour become the province of the rich and greedy?  The last election was all about the obscenity of the then-government and speculators – on land – using and abusing our resources.  Now we find that the present government is no better with just a different set of greedy takers and a different positioning but the same old, same old drivel about bringing economic benefit and tourists to Sydney.  The latest assault on the amenities of Sydney  is the no-tender, helicopter base in the middle of our Harbour, just another plaything for those who can afford it and that’s not you and me. 
I predict that if the ALP can get its act together and prove that it has overcome the corruption of the past, this present O’Farrell government will be a one-term government but in the meantime if we are not careful it will beat anything the past ALP lot could put over.

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