Questions, questions – unanswered

I do not deny the right of asylum-seekers to come to Australia but I have questions:


*Does Australia have the right to check the refugee status of asylum seekers and particularly their identity as they so often seem to arrive without any documentation?*Are the conditions from which they come as bad as claimed in the matter of accommodation, poverty even starvation?

Answers to the above lead to my observations that when arriving at Christmas Island and transported to Nauru and Manus Island, I have noted that within days there seems to be (self or possible) diagnosis of mental health problems, hunger strikes, self harm.  Are conditions at the two detention centres so much worse than the conditions they are fleeing that they have good cases within such a short time, for complaint?

Who is actually fuelling the troubles on the two Islands?  Does it help anyone here or on the Islands to see such destructiveness as we have at times witnessed?


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