Exit a Saint!

What interesting reading in a recent SMH – “Australia’s most wasteful spending came in Howard era, finds IMF” but poor old Joe (Hockey) is still struggling to come to terms with it. In defence Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, could only come up with “the Howard government left Labor with a $20 Bn surplus and no net debt”.
Would this $20 Bn be the remains of the sale of Telstra/Telecom so that if you carry this forward, there was no actual surplus but without the sale there would have been a deficit. Bang goes the surplus.
Of course, he didn’t spend on education, schools, universities, hospitals during his term so where did the balance of the sale of Australia’s assets go?
The Federal Shadow Treasurer’s figures seem to be just as wobbly as the State Treasurer’s omission of $1 Bn in the last State Budget. Is it a Coalition disease, Coalition lack of financial nous or perhaps something more interesting, say covering up and obfuscating the figures.
Interesting to see (Saint) John Howard, the mentor in chief of the Liberal Party, defending his saint-hood.


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