Gossip and gossipers

“Back in the pulpit” Sun Herald 20 Jan – FRONT PAGE

What has this tawdry affair to do with Fairfax Media for heaven’s sake.

Surely this should be between the woman, the Priest and Church authorities. Is there any law broken? Is there any suggestion that the woman is/was mentally deficient? Was she over the age of consent (18)? Did she continue with this affair for 14 years?

The only rules broken I can see are the rules of celibacy and chastity, and these are not Laws of the country but rules of the Church.

I really can’t see that this has anything to do with Fairfax Media – the Church authorities should discipline the Priest: he broke Church rules and behaved badly but if we are to headline anybody including executives of companies, politicians, etc. for breaking the rule of good behaviour our Courts of public opinion as well as Law Courts will be swamped.

Unless there are Australian laws broken, Fairfax, the behaviour of men and women in private lives are absolutely nothing to do with you.


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