Get the Best in the way of PR People

I think most people are agreed that not only the athletes are blameworthy in this latest drug/sporting scandal. No, the administrators who neglected “duty of care”, coaches, managers, suppliers of the drugs and, dare I say it, the media are all part of the general problem.
And so I come to “Cloud of suspicion hangs over sport…and nation” Sun Herald 10 Feb – columnist Phil Gould.
Is this the same Phil Gould who supported a Rugby League “star” and interviewed him and led the chorus for reinstatement. Was this star (shades of Lance Armstrong) a player who hoodwinked his club, his mates, his fans through about 12 years of drug taking? How smart was he – Get a media person on side, cry on TV and the world will forgive you anything
Once again Australia leads the world (aren’t you tired of that hyperbole) in how to manage a drug confession. Silly Lance Armstrong, you should have taken lessons.


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