Right is right, Gerard

Wow! When you go for what’s right (in the several uses of a word) you really go for it, Gerard Henderson. “Papal Pundits should repent of unforgivable ignorance” Opinion SMH 19 Feb. You made many good points about the ignorance of commentators and presenters about Papal matters but you could have taken it a little further: Cardinal Pell is NOT the head Catholic in Australia; he is Cardinal Archbishop of the Sydney Archdiocese and as far as I know his writ runs only in the Archdiocese.
The head of the Bishop’s Conference is Archbishop Hart of Melbourne and he is President of this body and presumably Head Bishop in Australia – Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals are equals among equals.
So, Gerard, you are half right and I hope that people disagreeing with the previous comments will follow up – they could learn quite a bit about the hierarchical make-up of the Church.


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