“Free ride for sports just not equitable” Opinion 28 Feb. Thank you Ben Quilty for opening out the question of the AIS and HECS. I had not realised the true extent of the inequities in the HECS scheme.
I have long argued that athletes attending the AIS are in a similar position to schools and universities but I had thought that HECS applied only to future income producing industries such as accountants, engineers, doctors etc. but you tell me that artistic endeavours and more importantly achievements and wins are also subject to this scheme.
When you look at the top athletes that the taxpayer has put through the AIS and the often big sponsorships (earnings) they get, why are they not treated the same way as other taxpayer funded persons?
Isn’t it time we realised that sport is just part of our lives and futures and stop treating athletes/sports as “little tin gods”. Maybe then we wouldn’t have some of the scandals that regularly rock the sporting world.


2 thoughts on “HECS

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