Find a hobby!

I do sympathise with our “21st century man: lost and anachronistic”. Focus, 11th March, SMH and have long thought that the present day man must be wondering where he fits in.
No longer does he have to dig potatoes for his family, ward off the Indians, build log cabins as in the wild frontier days, go to War to protect his family, and when he retires – what then?
Women on the other hand continue with their lives before and after retirement. They wash and clean, cook and garden, all the occupations that women have traditionally done and then when retired they continue with these tasks and take up hobbies.
And I notice in the SMH 11th March that women are moving into shearing. They are already in just about all the occupations formerly done by males.
Where do you find a man with a hobby – a real hobby and when he retires, what does he do without his job and a hobby.
Men! You must get a hobby. Something you really enjoy and can concentrate on so that you are no longer thinking about how lost and anachronistic, how unnecessary you feel.
That’s part of the answer. You must find the other part of the answer yourselves


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