Packer “tourists”?

“Crown flies in big spenders” – Business Day 11 March. Will these “big spenders” include tourists – remember James Packer told us, sincerely/hand on heart, that the Casino would increase the tourist intake.
So I am actually looking forward to seeing wealthy, suited tourists, maps in hand, looking lost on George Street or even in the Blue Mountains or other tourist sites. As guests of James Packer I will offer them a hand and advice on where to go.
OK – I’M dreaming – I don’t really expect any of the Casino “big spenders” to waste time on the tourist trail – their interest is the casino and I can’t see how they can be counted as tourists despite James’ “sincere” promises.
No, I do not believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden – or even in the Packer Casino or Barangaroo govt-ceded gardens


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