“Force” or “coercion”

Wait for it! I expect to be criticised, blamed as unsympathetic but I am giving my opinion. I do sympathise with the sad stories about adoptions years ago, in the March 19 edition of the Inner West Courier but I think that it is time for some explanation – just what is meant by “coercion” or “forced”?
I lived for some years in the country and came across many cases of young girls, single, pregnant. There was no welfare for them; no jobs for young single girls; no help at all if their families did not support them and often they were ostracised. It was a sad time for the young single mother-to-be.
And what was the solution? Disappear to the city for some months “working” and return to resume your life, no doubt with a hurting heart.
Where did they go? To charity homes or to places like Crown St Hospital and they knew what this meant – that they would relinquish the child but what was the alternative? They knew what was going to happen. And it was tragic but what else could they do?
Was this “force” or “coercion” when they knew what they were doing in going to these places? Better welfare arrangements, education, the availability of jobs – these all played a part in those past excesses but at the time – convention was a hard taskmaster/mistress.
What I would like to hear about are stories of “happy” adoptees from these placements. Nobody seems to mention them.


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