The Spill” that never was

How many versions and whys and wherefores have been supplied about the spill (Canberra March 21) that never was. And here is my version:
Simon Crean is an old Labor man and everybody knows that the Party comes first with them. In my reading of the scenario Simon pushed Kevin Rudd into a corner leaving him absolutely nowhere to go. Put up or shut up.
As Simon said, the Party couldn’t continue the way it was going and he took the only way to clear the air – force Kevin Rudd to actually do something, stop him from his smirking and suggestions that we have put up with for months now. I can’t believe that Simon Crean, old stager that he is, wouldn’t have known that the numbers for a change were simply not there.
Everybody seems to agree that the Rudd campaign is now over…finish…he has nowhere to go and the main backers of the Rudd putsch are exposed and paying the price. And those who have not yet resigned from well paid jobs will forever have a question mark over them. And rightfully so.
It is now time to get on with the job of getting the Party together, without the destabilising influence of Kevin Rudd and cahoots.
How do you like that scenario? I know it makes Simon Crean a bit of a hero and why not? We all know that if you have Labor blood in your veins, nothing is too much to ask of you. Think about it. Is it any more fanciful than other scenarios?


3 thoughts on “The Spill” that never was

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      • Politics – I love it. And those people who say “what have politics to do with me” or “I don’t know anything about politics” I say “Learn about it; read; view; listen”. Politics affect every part of our life every day and we are beholden to learn about them otherwise don’t complain if you haven’t taken any part in the public debate and especially if you don’t take the trouble to read up with an election (Australia) on September 14. Otherwise you get the gov ernment you deserve but I don’t want that to apply to me.

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