A challenge

If the various commentators, pundits, media gurus are so sure of the results of the Election of September 14, I throw out a challenge.
Start concentrating on the person you are convinced will be the PM in six months time. Start hounding Tony and his front bench for policies; start finding fault, criticising every action and non-action; start checking every comma and full stop in statements – if you can find any statements scripted. Check on how many times he uses phrases from the Liberal Party Strategy Phrasebook such as “toxic tax” when you know full well that this “toxic tax” has had little or no effect. Check his statements for their veracity.
I challenge you to do this. Give him the same treatment you have been handing out to the PM whom you are convinced will be out of the Lodge in September. After all what is the benefit (pleasure?) in flogging a supposed dead horse.
Don’t wait until the Election – see if he has as much intestinal fortitude as the present incumbent and if he can stand up to the constant harassment.. After all, is there any pleasure in harassing a PM you have decided will be gone in September – start on your chosen one NOW.
I challenge you.


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