Basic Business Principles (BP) and writing

“True stories of a book yet to be written” News Review, SMH 30 March. Very interesting and I learned quite a lot about Louise Adler. However what I didn’t learn until the 4th column was: what did MUP stand for.
Once upon a time a good editor would have made sure that when using the name of an institution etc. and intending to use it again, the name would have been followed by an abbreviation – in brackets – so that the reader knew all the way through the item just what the abbreviation stood for.
Basics we all learned in early Business Principle (BP) classes.
However, not now. If you are interested in a piece of writing you often need to trawl through the whole item until you recognise just what was meant by the abbreviation.
And so I trawled until in the 4th column I found “Eureka! It’s Melbourne University Publishing”.
I am not from or in Melbourne so this no doubt important establishment did not immediately occur to me.
Please spare a thought for people who actually need to know or want to know what the letters of an abbreviation stand for. Let’s go back to basics – name (of establishment) followed by letters of abbreviation.


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