Foolish thoughts – and mouth

Just when I thought that Fr Maguire (Melbourne) had become sensible in his old age and cleaned up his “potty mouth” (ABC News 29 March) I came across “Priest has his two bob’s worth on Pope’s trampling on tradition” (The Diary Mon Apr 1).
Fr Maguire, you definitely should know that the Pope doesn’t own the treasures of the Vatican, even if the reporter on duty is quite ignorant of Vatican history – the treasures are not his to dispose of any more than the GG of Australia can dispose of Yarralumla or Admiralty House, Sydney, or the Queen can dispose of the crown jewels.
And where would the treasures go Fr Maguire? Into the vaults of some American multi-billionaire or Russian Oligarch.
And what would happen to the economies of the UK or Italy. They would find themselves without tourists and broke?
Stop playing to the populist media Fr Maguire. I suspect that you are playing the media for fools in your utterances – or are they playing you for a fool?


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