Badly placed crossing

I must admit that when I first saw the rainbow crossing in Oxford St, Sydney I thought it was bright and attractive. And then I thought further – what would happen on, say a Friday or Saturday night when the youth of our city express themselves with an orgy of binge drinking and loutish behaviour? This crossing would be a magnet for them. And then the news came out from the Minister and the police that already our young sparks were using the crossing to behave like idiots, lying on the ground, dancing – and this in Oxford St, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Sydney.
And my opinion changed.
If the Gay and Lesbian community want to have a copy of the Abbey Road crossing, have it in a quiet street. I believe that the Abbey Road crossing is in a quiet, not busy part of London.
But further I would like to ask Lord Mayor Moore who is her electorate? Is it only the Gay & Lesbian sector. It seems to me that is the only sector of her electorate I hear her fight for. I would appreciate your answer Lord Mayor.


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