A “sorry” tale.

The Football Apology Syndrome has spread its tentacles into the sporting industry and now into the Retail Industry. The Myer CEO did not say he was wrong; he did not say that he shouldn’t have said what he said; he put everything back onto “people who may have been offended or hurt” by his remarks.
See – it’s not Bernie, and in football apologies it’s not the person found to be taking drugs or those disgusted by Bernie’s remarks that is wrong – it’s you and me for taking umbrage at his remarks.
Has this form of apology been marketed by its designers? By this time and with constant use, the profit from the marketing of this “tool” must have returned a fortune with more and more into the future.
Is there a format for this “apology”? Are there any variations to suit the occasion – Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Soccer, Retailers who suffer from foot-and-mouth disease with appropriate alterations to suit the audience and the sponsors.


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