It’s time – the DIS

It seems that the Disability Insurance Scheme (DIS) is almost home and hosed – and so it should be. But what is it all about? Do the punters who pay the bills, know what it is all about? Asking around I have yet to find anyone who knows the basics except that it’s time disabled people were adequately looked after.
*Does it replace the Disability Pension?
*What happens if a disabled person receives a big payout for problems that disable that person such as medical negligence, accidents, etc.? Does this payout go into a fund?
*what will happen every week, year in and year out – will the DIS make regular payments to disabled?
*Will the DIS make house renovations to aid the disabled, and what about wheelchairs?
*It’s called “insurance”. Does this cover every “disablement”? People born with problems? People who acquire “disablements”?
*Will Insurance companies be relieved of any responsibility in so many cases?
*Will the Insurance industry pay into this Scheme?
There is so much we don’t know – because we have never been told in so many words what it is all about.
It’s time!


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