Right or wrong in t he UK

Things are certainly different in the UK if we can believe the media reports on the suicide of the Nurse in the Duchess of Cambridge case.
Reportedly two stupid young radio people, Australian, rang through to a London Hospital, spoke to Nurse “A” who passed the call on to Nurse “B” who then divulged confidential information about a patient.
Nurse “A”, with a history of depression and suicide attempts then suicided supposedly leaving a note “allocating guilt” to the two Sydney radio people and also saying “make them pay my mortgage”.
Strange, very strange. Nurse “A” did not divulge confidential information, she has a history and she seems to think that the hospital can “make them pay her mortgage”.
It looks like an attempt to lay a guilt on two distant people. Of course, somebody has to pay the mortgage and why not two distant Australians even though Nurse “A” made the fateful suicide decision herself over something that had not even happened (divulging information)
Are those the “facts”? Then lawyers for the naive young Australians should be able to make mincemeat of the demands.


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