Those confounded cyclists

I was quite amused to hear a radio comment recently hat cyclists may not ride legally on footpaths – tell that to inhabitants of the inner west of Sydney.

However, I can “cop” for safety reasons, FOR THE CYCLISTS that they ride on footpaths but I remind you and other cyclists that it is mandatory for cyclists to have bells on their bikes and that they use them.

I have never heard a bell ringing as a cyclist comes up behind me on a footpath. They can see me ahead of them but obviously I can’t see them coming up behind me and if I make just a few centimetres move sideways I could well be in trouble.

How about reminding cyclists to USE THE BELL ON THEIR BIKES when they illegally use my footpaths.

How about Councils, if you don’t enforce or try to enforce rules about riding on footpaths, come out forcefully about using the bells, legally required on their bikes.


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