James Packer and his money/influence

Some commentators/market analysts claim that if James Packer does not get what he wants in the matter of the building/casino rooms, he will up and go elsewhere. That’s OK by me and I suggest that if you ask one Australian, or 10, 100, 1000 does it matter to them, you will find that they would have the same view. The only people it may affect are the fly in/fly out gamblers from Asia and I have yet to hear any cogent argument for Sydney losing land rights, harbour land or anything else to satisfy these gamblers. I cannot see where they will do our tourism any good either – will I find them out on George Street or in the Blue Mountains? I don’t think so. They will be found in the gaming rooms and that’s it.
Let’s stand up for once for what we really want and don’t cave in to the Packer billions.


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