Stand up the real Tony

OK the pundits have told us and who would dispute them, that Tony Abbott will attain the Lodge, his main objective (not the Country you will notice), in September but then the question will be: how long will his colleagues stay with him. How long before the veneer of compassion, sympathy, “gentleness” understanding, etc. last? how long before those with ambitions of their own wait for his more normal persona? How long before colleagues make their moves and there are many of them with their own ideas.
I would suggest that among those with ambitions of their own are Joe Hockey, Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne, and perhaps Julie Bishop wanting to be the second woman PM of this country.
It will be very interesting to see the shenanigans if the pundits are right in September and how long will Tony’s veneer last?. And of course, there is always the Media – when will they turn on Tony and give him the treatment they have given to Julia Gillard – there is no news in having a “nice” PM – they want someone they can pull to pieces.
And bye-the-bye how will Tony subsume his own personality to deal with the cross benches


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