Absolutely – female discrimination

So now we will see if the media will give to Abbott and Rudd the same treatment they gave to Julia Gillard but I doubt it – she is a woman.
The media has hounded her emphasising her problems and without emphasising her attainments. It gave Tony Abbott a dream run barely picking up on matters when he stumbled and fumbled; spoke in three word cliché’s supplied by his advisors; never responded to real matters such as policies, actually lied – think script vs off-the-cuff remarks. But did the media crucify him? Absolutely not they were too busy finding fault with her voice, clothing, hair, partner – all the things that matter – I don’t think!.
This whole episode proves to me that Australia is a wonderfully stable country – even when political parties, and especially the third estate lets us down so badly, the country continues on its way because basically we have (mostly) stable institutions and stable people. Thank God!


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