Much publicity given to the residents of detention camps in islands around Australia with emphasis on the soul destroying wait for entrance to Australia; with awful stories about the conditions both physical and psychological and I do sympathise even when it appears that the psychological scars appear so soon after arriving at Nauru and Manus.
But there is a remarkable lack of any attention given to those thousands of refugees sitting waiting…waiting for anything from 1-5 years in refugee camps in Indonesia and other places after being processed by UNHCR. Nobody talks about the soul destroying wait for word about when they will make it to Australia.
I have often wondered how these detainees feel as they see their wait lengthening because some people take the hazardous decision to go by boat to Australia. Do they resent that their situation is not highlighted by media, lawyers, “civil rights” activists, marchers? No demonstrations in city streets for their supporters. No heartrending stories – are conditions so good in Indonesia? Do they wonder why they decided to take the prescribed way to get to Australia and go through UNHCR?


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