The Notorious “faceless Men”

How can “the faceless men” be faceless when we all know who they are and what they look like.
However this stupid campaign caused me to wonder who is/are the “faceless” men behind the Liberal Party and lo! the News Corp papers have supplied me with the answer – Rupert, American expat apparently residing in the UK or in the USA with his USA citizenship clutched in his hot little hand, castigated in London for the Hacker scandals, far right exponent of all that is moral and upright.
I do wonder how that noble, holier-than-thou politician Tony Abbott feels about reaping the rewards of a well known scandal sheet.
So now we have Rupert bringing in his “attack dog” from the USA to run a campaign here; to tell us how we should vote because obviously this country can’t work it out for themselves, and unfortunately there are some people who won’t ask themselves the question “what does Rupert stand to gain from his interference in the political affairs of Australia”. Sometimes I despair.
However basically I do resent a foreigner popping in to Australia now and then, using his clout to rig an election here and I say, “Rupert, start trying to do something about American politics – they need it”.


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