Advice to voters and politicians

I just can’t understand the attitude of some candidates/political parties but perhaps I can help them:
*As a voter I don’t take any notice of kissing babies. Babies do not vote and kissing them means nothing about the worth of the kisser.
*Similarly getting down to basics (on the floor or low seat) in classrooms. I do envy the person who is able to get down on the floor because I can’t. But that’s all it means.
*Riding bikes in lycra only shows that the rider doesn’t fall off. In other words he can ride a bike but can he ride the rollercoaster of world economics? It doesn’t mean that he will be a good candidate.
*PLEASE KEEP THE WIVES AND FAMILIES AT HOME. Families endorsing a politician doesn’t mean that the candidate will be a good politician any more than Mafia wives and children endorsing their male family members, even when they attend church regularly, mean they are trustworthy. I would not trust the said Mafia Father. I am not looking for a father, husband, etc. And it’s boring…boring.
*Please. Less statistics. Just simple English and perhaps that is something that could be incorporated into the great big, new education reforms.
*And perhaps the candidate’s ability to think on his feet – not scripted – should be checked out. After all this person will be sent overseas representing Australia in all manner of situations and with all manner of diplomats and real politicians. And an unscripted gaffe could mean WW3 for Australia.
I suggest that various candidates/voters take notice of the aforementioned points, then perhaps I will listen to them. But otherwise I just turn off slogans, statistics, hyperbole.


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