Brains vs Bloodlines

“Tony’s daughters dressing to win” Sun Herald 1st Sept. Am I the only one to see the irony of remarks from Tony’s daughters about their Dad – “I’ve seen my dad with people from all walks of life, etc. etc….and he treats every single one of them with equal respect”.
God help Mrs Abbott and daughters if the Leader of the Opposition treats the female members of his family – “not with equal respect” but as he treated the ex-Prime Minister of Australia. Did he refer to Julia Gillard from the floor of the House as anything other than “she”; did he stand in front of a disgusting sign “Ditch the Bitch”?
Perhaps Tony’s daughters don’t recognise the respect due to females. Perhaps his language and behaviour represent ordinary behaviour and “respect” in the Abbott household.
Whatever, their minders should vet what they say about their Father before they open their mouths.
And the writer of this hagiography? I reflected that for every Kate McClymont, a journalist of intelligence, we have the sort of reporter who will write this drivel “I believed her. I believed her white blazer”.. Apparently all it takes for this reporter to sway her vote is the cut of her clothes. Heaven help us!


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