Paid Parental Leave (PPL)

There is something radically wrong with the Coalition argument for their extravagant maternity leave proposal. They claim that it will encourage educated well-off women to have more children (for the country?).
In all my long life – right back to Depression days – I have known that it wasn’t the well-off women who had the families bigger than just two. It has always been (with few exceptions) the less well-off, the less educated, the actually poorer women who have the bigger families even in the days of very little aid from the government.
I also object to Tony’s reference to “the best and brightest”. If the less well of had the advantages of Tony’s “best and brightest” he would probably be amazed at how intelligent many in the lower socio-economic group are. And possibly how very under intelligent some in the “other” class are.
So who do you think you are conning Tony with your argument to give well off women even more of this life’s benefits? Not me.


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