Public Servants – the pariahs

It’s amazing that so many politicians and Parties seize on public servants to use as targets in elections. “Let’s get the public servants”; “We’ll get rid of 20,000 public servants”. This happens in both state and federal elections.
I want to know why public servants apparently are so disliked. Do we need them – try having any service without public servants to administer the rules. When hundreds of public servants were “got rid of” in the Sydney County Council the decline in service was astonishing.
We saw the Premier in Queensland promise to get rid of 20,000 public servants – has the service in the public sector improved since this happened?
For some reason public servants are distrusted by the public – why? They have families and mortgages and usually they do a damned good job.
Incidentally I am retired and worked in both the public and private sectors so I know something about both.


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