The Australian DNA

The SMH Editorial Sept 13, left me spluttering with rage. Why does the Government need to wait on Max Moore-Wilton and his report before they can make a decision for a second airport for Sydney. It is so obvious that Max (the Axe) Moore-Wilton is thinking only of his own bailiwick and not of what is needed in Sydney. Let him have his money making machine at Mascot – he may be well retired before the second airport is completed and in use and if we wait for Max to give the OK we will all be retired.
Is procrastination built into the DNA of Australian politicians?
While the pollies argue time passes and one day they will find that Sydney (Mascot) Airport is no longer able to cope with numbers of flights/passengers and THEN they will decide to start working on an airport – which will take – how many years? How many years will it take from turning the first sod to the first plane actually flying?
In the meantime Sydney wallows in torpor – as usual, and the only person happy will be Max . Makes you wonder what does he get out of it?
I ask again: Is procrastination built into the DNA of Australian politicians? Our best and brightest say that we will have a republic but must wait for QE2 to die – even some republicans and not-really-totally monarchists say this. Why? So the Queen dies, on, say, Feb 28, do they then propose to start proceedings to become a Republic on March 1. No thought to the whole lengthy process to achieve what we want – a republic; No thought and planning for a simple plebiscite to find out what Australians want – Republic Yes/No;
And what about a plan for the Gov General/President; much work is required on a change of words in the Constitution. It would be too easy to just change the words “Governor General” to whatever title is decided on – too easy; and THEN the great day at the end of how many years – a referendum.
By this time we will be bending the knee to George V11 and some of the old fuddy duddies will still be saying “we must wait for this monarch to die before we do anything”.
For heavens sake – for once, let us get on with a job.
Let us get on with ANY job.


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