World Dominance

I don’t need V Putin, President of Russia, to tell me that all countries are equal (Obama is wrong to say the US is exceptional – all countries are equal – SMH Sept 14). When the President of the United States gave a national address earlier this year and, of course, it was on our screens, my heart sank.
Barak Obama referred to his intention to see the USA return to its previous dominant position in the world.
I thought “You haven’t learned anything from the past recessions and losses in various campaigns. You haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that the USA and probably most of the world is in hock to China; that millions of Americans are simply existing; that many Americans are in the grip of lack-of-confidence; that India is coming up the straight and Africa will be a very strong group of countries some time in the relatively near future.
You still think in terms of America, World leader, rich and powerful; the envy of the world; victorious in the Cold War, out there in Space”. Americans also think in these unrealistic terms, so what hope do they have? As far as I know there is no envy in Australia of the USA.
And that’s why my heart sank.


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