confusion and same sex marriage

So the ACT intends to legalise same sex marriage – and good luck to them. We will have a very confusing marriage system in Australia with some states for and permitting same sex marriage in their states and others not. So confusing
The claims that about three quarters of Australians want same sex marriage also confuse me. I can think of three views on the subject: 1. won’t have it at any price; 2. want it absolutely; and 3. couldn’t care less – it won’t matter to me. That could be three answers about the same question. And for this reason I dispute the opinion that the majority of people actually want same sex marriage.
I wonder how many people come into the last category of answers but until pollsters ask the real question we won’t know how many Australians really WANT same sex marriage as opposed to “couldn’t care less – won’t make any difference to me”.
But perhaps the pollsters don’t really want to know the real answers.


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