The Greens and compromise?

Recent Media comment suggesting that The Greens need to win middle Australia – and follow Don Chipp’s diktat” was right in most respects but didn’t make enough of the popularity of Bob Brown. He was popular with many Labor voters, myself included, because he understood that the art of politics is compromise. He and Julia Gillard both understood this most necessary of virtues for politicians. (“Adam Brandt increased his majority in Melbourne thanks to hard work, a record of reasonable compromise”).
The current Greens Party seems to be a vehicle for the extreme theories of the two women at the helm and there appears to be absolutely no give-and-take in either of them. I am not a maths expert but I do think that if you represent only 8-10% of the voters why should you expect to get 100% of your own, personal, wishes.
It looks as if under the present regime, the Greens will go the way of the DLP, and the Democrats and interestingly, in the same length of time.


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