GPS Schools

A contributor to Letters SMH Sept 28, shows an amazing, prescient view on the current binge-drinking problems with youth. “It is ironic that these same parents who are facilitating drunken teenage parties have probably invested thousands of dollars in private school fees, ballet lessons and overseas holidays…”. Does she have any real reason except prejudice for her views? My question: is the correspondent suggesting that only GPS/private school young people indulge in drunken parties? And ballet lessons and overseas holidays.
I could tell her that in my experience (think Cronulla riots) the socio-economic status of the parents has little to do with drunken youth parties, and I have never been able to spot the ballet lessons in the skill exhibited by drunken girls being dragged along by police – no grace whatsoever.
I had hoped that this antediluvian attitude was passing because basically where you send your children to school is really a matter of choice. I have known directors/accountants who choose to send their children to state schools – that’s their value statement. And I have known people of very limited means who send their children to the schools of their choice because of their value system – they will do without some things in life to exercise their choice in the matter of schools.
Wake up people and forget the 1950s attitude to schools, amenities/privilege, life style, and especially “yet they idly stand by while their (GPS) children drink their brain cells into oblivion”


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