Ladies that lunch

Come on people – give the Coalition Ladies a break (“more women Labor MPs than in Coalition”). What do you want them to do? They are fully occupied with charity work, lunching, social activities, lunching, gym work, lunching, etc. etc. And do you think that Liberal husbands would really like their wives/partners to be interested in politics? No way. Remember a famous answer from an ex-Pm wife to the question “and how do you fill your day”. “I wait for the children to come home” and the youngest of the “children” was then about 18/19 years old.
They don’t really want to be like so many Labor women: demonstrating against wars, activists in the child abuse matters, setting to rights the aboriginal problems, involved in local council matters and demonstrating against some of the same. They prefer to leave all that to their husbands – isn’t that the way they were reared in the 50s/60s?
So much better for their husbands/partners to be able to come home to peace and quiet and leave worldly matters such as politics behind.


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